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Online Domain name registration platform for service providers and high volume individuals

NicProxy is an advanced domain name registration and management platform for domain resellers, internet service providers, hosting providers and other businesses that manage domain names for customers. Robust, advanced management tools (HTTP XML API, SOAP Services) provide you to integrate the NicProxy application into your existing web site so you can brand and sell our services directly to your customers. This white label solution allows you to fully customize our domain name service offerings under your brand. Besides using XML API, you can also use the Reseller Manager web-based registration and management tool to start selling immediately. Read more »

NicProxy Domain Registrar on WHMCS!

NicProxy API Domain Registrar WHMCS Module is ready!

NicProxy Domain Registrar WHMCS

NicProxy Resellers, who have WHMCS solutions, can provide real-time registration of NicProxy' domain names and value-added services directly to your customers through your Web site. You can also manage your account through NicProxy Web Interface at the same time. Please check the reseller tools page for free download NicProxy API WHMCS Module and get easy installation notes.

NicProxy Domain Registrar will be available in new WHMCS version as supported Domain Registrars/Registries. While waiting for new version of WHMCS, you can manually add and configure NicProxy Module on your web site. Read more »

Reseller Benefits

NicProxy XML API

Integrate with your existing sites and sell domain name services through your web site.

Reseller Web Interface

You can manage your account and register new domain names from Reseller web interface.

NicProxy Domain Names

NicProxy is directly connected to Registries "Shared Registration System (SRS)" through EPP Protocol.


Maximize revenue, achieve higher earnings!

  • Volume based Pricing, best prices of the market
  • New domain name registration, transfer, renew and add-on services
  • Current Promotions
  • No Setup Fee. No annual membership fees. No monthly commitments. No activation fees.
  • Free XML API, reseller web interface
  • Free AWBS Module and add-ons
  • Protect your brand with white label Whois Service
  • Free support and your personal Reseller Account Manager will help you grow your business

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